All The Bells And Whistles -- Interior Design For Your Cape Cod Home

Posted on: 18 March 2016

Whether or not you live in New England, your new Cape Cod-style home will be a delightful addition to your life. From charming dormers and shutters to clean symmetry and simple landscaping, Cape Cod homes stand out among the crowd. But having a historical-style home is not just about the right exterior look; it's also about how you complement that architecture with your interior design choices.

So, how do you continue the Cape Cod design beyond the front door? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Keep It Cozy, Not Cramped

Due to their origin in early America, Cape Cod homes are often considerably smaller than their modern counterparts. Bedrooms and baths are usually less luxurious and the house itself often only has a limited second floor.

For this reason, it's important not to try to cram too much furniture and decorative touches into any rooms. Opt for slim furniture, such as chairs or tables with long legs and love seats rather than full sofas. A light color palette (like radiant white, eggshell or khaki) is a good way to make the space feel more open and airy.

Simple and Fun Furnishings

Wood and similar rustic furniture is a good fit for a Cape Cod home. Simple, early American styles that work well in this style include ladder-back chairs, farmhouse kitchens and wicker. Along with simple woods, brass accents are a good way to bring that early American feeling into your home.

As for color schemes, a neutral base color on walls and furniture can be complemented by a bold trim or accent color. Coastal-inspired colors like shades of green and blue work well in this interior. You can even strategically use nautical shapes or stripes to balance out the neutrals.

Bring the Sea Indoors

Cape Cod is a seaside location, so to bring its true feeling into your house, you will likely want to create a nautical or coastal theme. Vintage ship or boat parts as well as replicas of things like anchors, bells, navigation wheels, lanterns or sailing flags can be excellent decorations to give any room this marine feel. Beach accessories are another good option, including seashells, driftwood and ornamental grasses. Be careful not to overdo your coastal decorations, balancing them out with simple sheer curtains, greenery (real or artificial) and some subtle artworks on the walls.

Whether you go for a truly traditional cottage style in your Cape Cod home or bring in modern touches, the result is sure to be a place you can enjoy with family and friends for years to come. For help decorating your home, consult with an interior designer, like the ones at Persimmon Lane.


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