Custom Picture Frame Ideas For Your Graduate

Posted on: 18 March 2016

Whether your child is graduating from kindergarten or college, you're sure to want a great framed photo to commemorate graduation day. Custom picture frames offer a great way to get the right look for each picture you want to have framed. Here are just a few custom picture frame ideas for your graduate's photos.

Cap And Gown Shadowboxes

Shadowboxes are great because they let you incorporate mixed media with your framed pictures. You can add your child's graduation gown to the shadowbox for use as a backdrop and have your child's photo mounted directly on the gown. Another option is to use the cap as a backdrop. If you want a more traditional look, opt for a rectangular shadow box and have the graduation pictures placed next to the cap. Other items you may want to put in the box might include the program from graduation, any pins or letters your child earned while in school, or the diploma. Your custom framing shop can help you with the shadowbox setup.

Tassel Frames

Instead of putting your child's graduation tassel inside a frame or shadowbox, you can actually make it part of the picture frame. Your frame shop can attach the tassel to the side of a picture frame to create a unique look for your child's graduation or senior pictures. If your child is graduating from college, consider placing the high school tassel and picture on one side of a dual-picture frame, and put the college photo and tassel on the other side. This creates a fun way to celebrate all your child has achieved since high school graduation.

School Years Collection Frame

One way to celebrate your child's achievements is to gather pictures from every school year and have them framed together. Your frame shop can create a custom frame and matting that lets you show off every picture from preschool to graduation in one collection. You may want to use wallet-sized photos arranged around a larger graduation picture, or you may want to place 4-inch by 6-inch images in a long frame. The long frame concept is ideal for use in your hallway or above your sofa. Your custom frame shop may have other options to choose from for this graduation photo framing idea.

Talk to your local frame shop to get some other ideas you can use for your child's graduation photos. You may even want to choose more than one option so you have a framed photo to keep and one to give to your graduate. Contact a company like Washington Framers' Workroom for more information.


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