Tips For Pre-Planning Your New Kitchen Cabinet Lay-Out

Posted on: 18 March 2016

Before you start installing your kitchen's new cabinets, planning ahead for doing so can help you avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes. Planning ahead will also help you see the little issues you may need to work around before starting the installation. The last thing you want is having to take down the cabinets you installed to fix a problem so you can successfully finish your installation. Follow these tips for successfully installing your new cabinets.

Screws Are Important To Consider

Before you start hanging top cabinets, making sure you have plenty of deck screws is a good idea. Avoid using drywall screws because they are not strong enough to support heavy cabinets and can break under their pressure. Also, remember to attach cabinets to the studs in the walls or they will be hanging loosely on the wall, a mistake that can cost you time re-hanging cabinets. Joining each individual cabinet together to make one large piece will also help to give them more support after being hung.

In A Total Kitchen Remodeling Project

If you are remodeling your entire kitchen, you are most likely also replacing appliances like the stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. Before you install your cabinets, measuring the width of your new appliances is necessary to know when to stop your cabinet installation for fitting appliances in. For example, if you do not measure the space your new stove will need and you just use the measurements from the old one you took out, you may end up needing to take out the cabinets for making an inch more space for a new stove. In most cases, newer appliances have different measurements than older models.

Being Prepared For The Future

Before you leave the retailer you bought your cabinets at, remember to purchase a repair kit. A cabinet repair kit usually contains colored wax, putty and markers that match your cabinet's finish. You can use the putty to cover areas that show the screws you used to hang your cabinets. Colored markers are great if a cabinet is scratched. All you have to do is color over the scratch if it is not too deep. You should take home a few extra door hinges and knobs to use as replacements if you need them later on as well.

If you are considering the installation of new cabinets in your kitchen, making sure you plan ahead for it is vital for saving time and money. If you are buying a pre-made cabinets, always remember to have a look at the measurements before taking them home to for seeing if they match up with the measurements you will need. Contact an installation company, like CK Custom Kabinetry Inc or another location, for more tips and help.


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