Give Your Walk-In Closet New Life With A Boutique Closet Upgrade

Posted on: 24 September 2017

Whether you're adding a spacious walk-in closet during a remodel project or just giving yours a makeover, designing a boutique closet space is a sure way to make your day more enjoyable. But, what is a boutique closet, and how can you create one? Here's a quick guide to this popular trend:

What is It? 

As its name suggests, a boutique closet is a large and open floor closet design that mimics and reflects the dressing rooms of luxury boutiques. Rather than just provide a place to hang clothing, a boutique closet's purpose is to showcase your favorite clothes and accessories and make the act of getting ready into a relaxing and fun event.

How Do You Design One?

Start your boutique closet by considering how it can add to the existing bedroom's overall interior design. The closet should serve as an extension of the décor while providing one or two new surprises or focal points. You may want to give it some of its own personality by adding a few unique touches, such as updating a Victorian-style bedroom with a few steampunk closet decorations. 

If you share a room with a partner, you may want to install two boutique closets that can be tailored to each person's clothing and style. If there's not enough space, consider creating a space with two separate but equal halves to complement each partner. 

What's In It?

Once you have an idea of the style of the closet, install a good organization system to house your belongings. This organizing method should be about more than just storing things. It should have places to put your favorites on display, to house things like shoes and jewelry in protective environments, and to make finding the right accessories simple. Depending on your personal style, you may want to include open and closed shelving, cabinets, hanging organizers, shoe racks, and custom storage for unusual or bulky items (like sports or winter clothes).

In addition, look for some furniture and art pieces to include in the design. There should be plenty of comfortable places for you and some guests to sit. Side or coffee tables, floor and desk lamps, audio-visual systems, and even a coffee station are all popular inclusions in stunning boutique closets. Include lots of mirrors to ensure you can see every angle of your outfits. And feel free to create a raised platform between the mirrors, just like bridal and high-end boutiques have.

If you're having trouble visualizing and executing your dream boutique closet, talk with an experienced interior design team today. With some creativity and attention to detail, the closet might just become your favorite part of the house. 


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