How To Truly Love Your Bath Towels: 10 Important Qualities To Think About Before You Start Shopping

Posted on: 3 April 2018

Bath towels aren't a hum-drum item that belong on the back shelf or shoved in a closet. They're actually great tools of design you can use to turn an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one. Still, towels serve a useful purpose and that must be taken into consideration, too. Here's how to combine form and function and find towels you truly love to be surrounded by and use.

1. The Pattern Can Define Your Design

Towels with patterns, either simple or intricate, might add an amazing touch to your bathroom or a disastrous one; thus, this is one area to be extremely selective in bathroom design. Patterns, no matter where they are, should complement their surroundings, never clash. If your bathroom walls, floor, or ceiling have any patterns already, keep your towels simple, if you opt for any pattern at all. Matching patterns might not clash, but they can make you dizzy, and trying to coordinate patterns of any complexity can get pretty tricky fast.

Towels with a subtle or muted pattern should be easier to match with your decor, and they'll really make the existing colors and shapes pop. When choosing towel sets, you might want to get two of varying colors, but with the same pattern, to add dimension.

2. Placement Really Matters

While you want a towel to be within quick and handy reach of dripping hands, the placement of the towels you store in the bathroom can elevate decor considerably. Rolled towels look neat and symmetrical, but layered, with the bath towel on the bottom, a hand towel in the middle and washcloth on top gives the feel of a being waited on hand and foot, like you're in your favorite hotel.

Hanging towels a few inches higher than normal changes the entire look of the room, either sending it back to an older period or bringing it into a modern one, depending on your theme and accents. Either way, using the geometrical force of design in placing your towels is going to level up your artistic skills considerably. If you're removing an old rack and replacing it on a tile background, be careful not to break or crack the tile as you work.

3. The Importance Of Texture

Towels with texture offer you the opportunity to spice up decor without confusing it, such as how patterns might sometimes create too much conflict. Textures like a waffle or honeycomb pattern add just enough visual contrast, without ever crashing through a color scheme. A shag texture can break up similar colors, preventing a boring design outcome, even if the towels are the same color as everything else. Textures add depth to your design and can have dramatic effects, so don't overlook this useful characteristic when searching for your perfect set of towels.

4. The Personality Of Your New Towels

In art, nearly anything can take on personality, and the towels in your bathroom are no different. A bathroom with an ocean theme, for example, will gain a lot of (fun) personality if you throw up a few beach towels, rather than simply color-coordinating traditional towels. Polka dots in bright colors will have your bathroom bursting with personality in a whimsical or sophisticated way, depending on the overall presentation. Especially if you're only somewhat satisfied with the decor of your bathroom and are really looking to liven it up, towels with personality might add just the spark of personality you're looking for.

5. The Luxury Factor

Luxurious, (although not necessarily expensive) towels bring feeling to the room, offering the occupant a sense of pampering and comfort. Plush towels with a silk accent invite you to touch them, promising to make you feel good as you dry. Luxury towels might also make a final statement regarding your decor, emphasizing your good taste and elegant style.

6. Quality And Durability

Just because your bath towels look and feel luxurious, that doesn't necessarily mean they're high quality and destined to last. Most especially if your towels will be used and abused, you want quality that will hold up. Towels have a number of telltale indicators of quality, along with other variables that will help you pick the perfect set:

  • Absorbency: Terry cotton will provide you with the highest absorbancy factor, hands-down.
  • Fiber length and content: Generally, the longer the fiber, the higher the quality, and while cotton is likely what you want, where it comes from and how it's made is also important.
  • Softness: The cheapest towels feel like wet cardboard and don't readily absorb water, so start with something that feels really soft and comfortable and go from there, looking for your further specifics.
  • Strength: Flax linen is superior in strength and offers a unique-looking texture, and it's also made in fine organic form, for a totally natural experience, but the same can be said of a high-quality cotton towel, leaving you with plenty of choices.

While shopping online is the most convenient, if you're really serious about finding an amazing set of bath towels, visit a store to really get a feel for what you're going to buy. Touch the towels, look at them up close, and give a little stretch at the fabric. You'll find they're not all as similar as they look at first glance.

7. The Price You Pay

If you're particular about the price you pay for your towels, you need to investigate the details. Some outlets charge considerably more for the pretty colors they think everyone is looking for, but the quality of the products could be sub-par. Ultimately, you should be able to find high-quality towels in the colors and patterns you desire without spending a fortune; it just takes some searching.

8. And Finally, Color

While color selection is of obvious importance, matching your towels to the decor of your bathroom doesn't have to follow a strict guide. For example, an all-white bathroom with bright red towels could be strikingly beautiful, and a powder-blue bathroom with vivid yellow towels would be cheerful and spring-like. Although you can match color with gradual shade changes, like dark-to-medium-to-pale, you're not really under any restriction when it comes to designing the color scheme of your bathroom. Be artistic and bold or soft and subtle; as long as there are no clashes between colors, textures and patterns, calling on different areas of the color wheel will produce great results.

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