Use Interior Design To Improve The Lighting Throughout Your House

Posted on: 22 November 2019

As a homeowner, you may have put a decent amount of time into furnishing and decorating your home. But, you may still feel like the way that your home looks could be improved upon. If you find that the lighting throughout your house is what you think is lacking the most, you should consider hiring an interior designer because they can help you make various improvements.

Window Treatments

One of the ways that you can make lighting better in your home is by working on the window treatments. You may want to let a lot of natural light into certain rooms while also being able to minimize the amount of light that gets into these rooms all throughout the day. The options for window treatments are vast and include things such as blinds, curtains, shades, and shutters.

When you let an interior designer know what you want the greatest control with lighting, they can show you several choices so that you get the final decision in the matter.

Light Covers

The light covers throughout your home will play a major role in how artificial lighting looks. A thick cover will make it harder for light to pierce through, which means you will not get as much brightness compared to a thin cover. Since you may rely most on ceiling lights to get general lighting in each room, you should focus on these covers to improve lighting inside the house.

But, you should not hesitate to also get an interior designer to work on lamp covers for floor lamps and table lamps since they will also impact the lighting in various rooms.


If you do not have many mirrors in your home, you should consider getting more because they are a great way to reflect light that comes in from the windows. This will help you avoid needing to rely on artificial lighting during the day when you only need a bit more light to be satisfied.

Light Bulbs

Even the light bulbs that you use will have a substantial impact on how much artificial light you are able to get from each light fixture. For instance, a 40-watt bulb will produce a lot less light when compared to an 80-watt bulb, so you may not need to add any extra light fixtures.

Since color temperature also plays a role in lighting up every room, you can just let an interior designer figure out all the specific details so you can simply enjoy the outcome.

Hiring an interior designer will help you make the right lighting improvements to your house.

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