5 Ways Architectural Designers Can Help With A Home Addition

Posted on: 26 March 2020

Many homeowners get attached to their houses and don't want to leave them even when the demands of their family call for more space. When that happens, they may decide to add on to their existing home. The first step is usually to reimagine your existing house as if you were building it brand new. The next step should be to call an architectural designer to help with the plan.

Find out how an expert in architecture design can help with your home addition.

1. Put All Your Ideas into a Concrete Form

Architectural designers are artists. They can listen to all your ideas for what you want your new home addition to look like. Their creative minds are good at envisioning ideas that start out in the abstract. From there, they can create a two-dimensional CAD drawing and even transform it into a three-dimensional model. They can also use color boards to help you visualize the addition.

2. Produce Blueprints and Specifications

Architectural designers will compile a list of data from your home addition project. Part of that data consists of precise measurements from the site. They use all the information they gather to perform calculations related to dimensions, as well as general calculations. They use the information from these calculations to direct the production of blueprints and project specifications.

3. Research Solutions for Potential Pitfalls

Within that same realm, architectural designers keep compiling data and performing calculations to help them with their design layouts. They'll work with you to develop a plan for your home addition. They'll also keep tabs of any potential pitfalls that could put the design in jeopardy. Their job involves researching solutions for problems or just for improvement.

4. Ensure Your Addition Works Cohesively with the Rest of the House

You may have seen home additions that were obviously tacked on later. Well, experts would advise you to avoid that situation with your new home addition. While your addition doesn't have to match every element of the house, it does need to work cohesively. An architectural designer can help draw elements of both so the addition looks like it could have always been part of the house.

5. Liaise with the Contractors

An architectural designers' work isn't done once the contractors begin on your home addition. Rather, they can first of all help you find good contractors. They can even help with cost estimates. They'll then remain on the project as a liaison with the contractors. By staying on the job, they can even ensure that the construction work lives up to the plans you made together.

Get an architecture design service on the job for your home addition project.


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