Home Design Tips For A Professionally Styled Look

Posted on: 27 October 2020

Styling your home like a professional can be done with a little bit of work on your part. This may also require you to go through your belongings and get rid of some of the excess in your home. Over-furnishing your home is a decorating mistake, so go through your belongings and start to downsize. Once you have a minimal amount of furniture and decor, you can go through and start styling your home. Read on for tips to help you style your home like a professional.

Use Natural Lighting

Use the natural lighting coming into your home to help give a room an open and airy look. Open up the curtains or blinds when you can to give the rooms in your home a bigger and cozier feel and not feel like you're in a dungeon. Allow the natural light to come in. If you don't have a lot of natural light, use mirrors to help give off more light. Angle and place mirrors around your home to catch the natural lighting and open up the rooms of your home.

Add Live Plants

Adding live plants to your home can improve the air in your home, can be good company, and can add pops of color to your home. They can also add texture to any room of your home. There are a number of live plants that don't need much light or water, in case you don't have a green thumb. You can decorate further by adding a nice planter to your new plant or a plant stand to give dimension or height to the plant. Use live plants in any room of your home, including the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, or even your office. 

Stick With Neutrals

Painting your home with neutral colors can help you change your decorative style without the need to repaint every time your style choice changes. Use neutral paint colors, and add in pops of color in decorative items such as with throw pillows, blankets or smaller accent furniture, or other decorative accents. These can be changed more often without costing you as much or without the time it would take to change your paint.

Your home should be a reflection of your style, and it should feel like home to you. If you want a professionally styled look, you can use the tips above to help guide you, or you can hire a professional home designer to style your home for you.


transforming your home with a few changes

Curtains, drapes, sheers, cotton, polyester and leather - where do you start when you are planning to make some changes to the interior of your home? Do you need to take a wall out to make a space appear larger, or can you give the room an open look just by decorating a certain way? You can find quite a few tips to help you transform your home into what you feel comfortable living in. You may be surprised at how easy it can be to make a few changes that can have a big impact on the appearance of your home.