Buy These Home Decorations In Advance Of Thanksgiving

Posted on: 8 November 2021

If you enjoy having a home filled with members of your extended family for Thanksgiving, your primary focus might be on preparing the extensive meal. In the weeks leading up to this November holiday, you should also be thinking about the steps that you can take to give your home a stylish and celebratory vibe. Instead of buying inexpensive decorations from a local discount store, consider investing in some higher-end decorative items that you can reuse in future years. There are all sorts of viable options for Thanksgiving, including the following products that you can find in stores and online.

Artificial Gourds

While you can buy a selection of gourds at your local farmer's market, the problem with this idea is that you need to compost or discard the gourds sometime after Thanksgiving. Another option is to buy realistic-looking artificial gourds that you can use year after year. Many stores have all sorts of these gourds available, including lots that look extremely realistic — even from just a few inches away. You can place a line of the gourds on your fireplace mantel, fill a wicker basket with them for a table near your front door, or look for other ways to decorate with them.

Thanksgiving Lights

Decorating your home with candles can be appealing, but this may not always be a safe idea when you have a house full of guests. Instead of worrying about the risk that candles create, consider one or more types of Thanksgiving lighting to help give your home a warm feel. A string of lights that also has artificial tree leaves on it can be a good choice. The lights will generally have an orange glow, while the leaves will feature hues such as orange and yellow. You can drape a string of these lights across a window ledge or run it along your staircase railing.


Thanksgiving wreaths can also add a warm and inviting look to your home at this time of the year. You'll find wreaths with all sorts of designs. A wreath made with colorful corn cobs is a popular choice, while a wreath that has autumn leaves can also work well. Some Thanksgiving wreaths have a playful look and may feature cartoonish turkeys. It's common to place a wreath on your front door, but don't shy away from using additional wreaths in indoor locations such as closet doors or above your fireplace.

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