• Home Design Tips For A Professionally Styled Look

    Styling your home like a professional can be done with a little bit of work on your part. This may also require you to go through your belongings and get rid of some of the excess in your home. Over-furnishing your home is a decorating mistake, so go through your belongings and start to downsize. Once you have a minimal amount of furniture and decor, you can go through and start styling your home.
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  • 5 Ways Architectural Designers Can Help With A Home Addition

    Many homeowners get attached to their houses and don't want to leave them even when the demands of their family call for more space. When that happens, they may decide to add on to their existing home. The first step is usually to reimagine your existing house as if you were building it brand new. The next step should be to call an architectural designer to help with the plan.
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